Aellon Torias
Heritage Dosinian
Chronology Died AM 493
Occupation Dosinian King
Association Royalty, Reclamation
Magic Elemental - Pyro
Aellon Torias was the most recent born-king of Dosana. Alongside Ymalia and Rathic Heiros, he was one of the figureheads of the Three-Throne Revolt but the trio was killed in the Battle of the Tail in AM 494. Aellon was survived by his infant son, Andrakhar, and younger brother Diron, who took the crown and organised the surrender and subsequent isolation of Dosana, Where his brother was percieved as timid and shrewd, Aellon was bold and decisive, traits that served well in the individual battles of the rebellion of AM 493, but ultimately lost the war.

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