Aios is a terrestrial planet in orbit around a red dwarf star.

Properties Edit

Static Properties Edit

Mass, Density and Gravity Edit

3.92x10^24 kg, two thirds that of Earth. Surface gravity is 9.705 m/s^2, 99% of Earth's. Average density is 6686.4 kg/m^3, an extra fifth as dense as Earth. Due to its high mass for its size, objects on Aios' surface experience a downward acceleration due to gravity of 9.705 m/s^2, 99% of Earth's.

Size, Area and Volume Edit

The distance from centre to its surface - its radius - is 5,192 kilometres, while its diameter is 10,284 kilometres; each 80% that of Earth's. Aios' circumference is 32,622 kilometres, 80% of Earth's, and its total surface area is just under 339 million square kilometres, two third of Earth's. Its internal volume fills over 586 billion cubic kilometres, a little over half that of Earth.

Motive PropertiesEdit


Aios makes a complete rotation in twenty-four hours, a point on its surface revolving a total of 32,622 kilometres in that time. Equatorial revolution speed is 1,360 kilometres an hour.

Escape Velocity and Geosynchronous OrbitrEdit

Though denser than Earth, Aios' surface escape velocity is just over 10 kilometres per second, compared to Earth's 11. Geosynchronour orbit sits 41,060 kilometres above the surface.

Field PropertiesEdit



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