An Aiosi year takes three-hundred and fifty days as the planet traces its path around the parent star Thosanus, with each day lasting just over twenty-four hours (plus 0.0986 seconds).

The new year begins on the day of northern midsummer.

Days Edit

The Aiosi calendar consists of seven-day weeks:

  1. Sondaas
  2. Lundaas
  3. Aldaas
  4. Wudaas
  5. Sedaas
  6. Erdaas
  7. Mandaas

Months Edit

An Aiosi month is thirty-five days (or five weeks) long, with each month name derived from a major event in the first year of the Old Vanguard's journey:

  1. Outset - The group depart Uris and the journey begins
  2. Dawnhunt - Landfall is made in Oro, and the first geomantic behemoth is slain. The Alchemist leads a suited family to drink from the corpse.
  3. Treestride - The Alchemist raises Sylvos and crowns the first of the elemental kings.
  4. Ocean's Ire - During a hurricane the water-wielding family of leviathans is slain and superceded by the Hydro line.
  5. Long Ascent - After the wind-warping ziz at the apex of Highhallow are hunted down, the Aero royal line is established.
  6. Dunemarch - After the routing of the dragons of Dos, the Pyro family is founded.
  7. Vast Night - With the three substance elemental houses under him, the Alchemist sets his sights on ensuring the loyalty of the Old Order, eventually subduing Erobias.
  8. Sunscorch - The last to fall in line, Athanon too succumbs to the might of the Alchemist's will.
  9. New Accord - Outside of Uris, the world is seemingly united under the Alchemist.
  10. Reformation - The Building and Breaking occurs.

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