Elina Black
Aliases Elina the Black, Lin
Chronology Born AM 489

29 years old

Occupation People smuggler
Association Subterrane
Magic Elemental - Hydro
Elina Black is a Reclamation-sympathising people smuggler operating in the Thousand Isles with the assistance of the Subterrane. Her surname is an adopted title from the colour of stealthy craft involved in her trade.


Her choice of bloodbound war-arm was already bound to her long before she made it into a weapon. Originally an anchor on her first yacht, Elina would also use it as her own persronal divind mechanism, manifesting it to varying degrees to achieve neutral buoyancy at various depths. When the boat was destroyed, she held onto the anchor, but had its original bond broken in order to subtly reforge it.

Its new full form is as a double-sided bearded axe, though Elina lacks the strength to wield it effectively as its full weight, instead usually manifesting it at its full length but with as ingle head, or small enough to act as a simple hand axe.

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