Type Continent
Capital The Crucible
Demonym Euronian
The geographically chaotic and resource-rich island continent that was settle by the Builders after the Antediluvian War. Modern Eurona is but a small part of the continent in its ancient form; the efforts of the last of the great antediluvians - the force elementals - caused most of the continent to sink beneath the waves. Crucible was the Builders' home and the capital, until the Silver Sickness took hold and necessitated the evacuation of all survivors in AM 147.

A trio of metal-rich mountains - one in each of Eurona's composite countries - provided the continent with its massive mineral wealth, making it a centre of industry and manufacturing in spite of its relative isolation. To facilitate the journey of the mine-mountain's produce from its source to the Crucible, a series of utterly massive spanning structures was made to ease the journey, similar to the Glassroads of Aschaea, even down to their subtle vibrations moving materials onward. Somewhere between bridges, aqueducts and highways, these three pathways were each hundreds of kilometres long, passing over any and all obstacles that would slow or prevent the transport of resources.


  • Eurona geodemo

    A basic map of Euronian environs, pre-Silver Sickness,

  • Sidolphia
  • Vardale

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