A piezoelectric suit often worn like a second skin to boost the physical performance of the wearer.

Connection types Edit

Neural link Edit

The most reliable and precise method involves connecting the suit directly to the wearer's motor nervous system, very close to the brain. This involves remotely or directly connecting with an interface suite - usually a neural chip of some kind - so that the suit can read and respond to motor commands as they leave the brain and travel down the spinal column.

Nanite connectivity Edit

Less invasive but slightly lower-performing than a neural interface and more common due to the proliferation of nanotechnology on Aios, the suit can communicate with one's nanites throughout the body.

Nerve detection Edit

The most basic interface is for the suit to simply detect motor nervous signals as they travel along the wearer's nerves, although the relative slowness of this process rules out its use in situations required added speed and manoeuvrability, such as combat. Often EM suits are worn in civil contexts as heavy-lift gear.

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