Giant's Glade
Type Unknown
Continent Oro
Country Barkanda
Capital Sylvos
Sitting roughly in the middle of the Oronese nation of Barkanda, the Giant's Glade is a circular crater, three dozen kilometres in diamater and ringed on all sides by a continuous mountain range. Before the fall of Sylvos, the geo royal capital wandered within the bounds of the Glade. After its fall, without the royal inhabitants to tame the area, the jungle within began to grow in a frenzy. Now, soaring trees fill every spare space of ground, and the jungle canopy presents a barrier nearly impenetrable by light that spans the from the mountain peaks on one side of the Glade to those of the other.

With the royal family's protection of Antediluvians from poaching gone, the creatures moved into the Glade as it was growing, and many have called it their home for a century now, making it an exceptionally dangerous place for small or unprepared teams to venture into.

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