Also known as blood runes, haemoglyphs are the characters in an arcane and still-not-entirely known written language. Part of the reason for this is the sheer number of runes that exist - there are runes for every concept and property imaginable. The very symbols of the haemoglyph script have power, and by them coming into contact with blood, their power is activated.

Through this, haematurgists can both amplify the blood they cast by channeling it through haemoglyphs, and save on blood shed because the rune's amplifying effects allow a smaller amount of blood to achieve equivalent results if cast 'raw'.

Single glyphs, or short strings thereof, can be quickly 'drawn' in the air by a caster with bloodied fingers. Due to the more complicated nature of longer sequences, advanced haemoglyph strings need to be placed onto a 'canvas' subject, such as a channeling instrument or a surface in the environment. These strings can create single-use effects, or in the instance of bloodbound items, long-lasting enchantments. These two streams of haemoglyph application can be combined for advanced creations and phenomena, such as familiars.

A particular application of haemoglyphs is to have them inscribed into or onto one's own heart, thereby imbuing the recipient of the given rune with its associated properties. Though the runes used are the same as with regular haematurgy, the symbols applied in this manner are called cardioglyphs.