A single-occupant vehicle, jousting bikes are specialised motorcycles designed to be operated with one or both of the rider's arms free.

Mechanics Edit

Single-hand jousting bikes typically feature a centra steering column forward of the seat but behind the traditional double-handlebars. For totally hands-free usage, basic straps or even partial exoskeleton frames keep the rider's legs firmly in place astride the bike, translating fine user movements - such as the pressing down of a foot, or the pivoting of one's hips - into movements of the bike.

History Edit

The first jousting bikes appeared in modern arena combat, combining the speed and devastation of modern weaponry and vehicles with the spectacle of traditional horse-mounted jousting.

When outfitted with hover flight capabilities the maneuverability of the vehicle is massively amplified. For this reason, jousting bikes are popular choices for infiltration operation units.

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