For information on the Aios and the wider solar sytem of Thosanus, see Celestial Mechanics.

Aios Whole Labelled
Aios is a terrestrial, rocky world with an equatorial circumference of just over twenty-nine thousand kilometres. Its surface area is more salty sea than dry land, though large landmasses are present in three continents.

From orbit, arid Aschaea and arboreous Oro are immediately apparent along the equator. Above and between them sits the island of Zonoa. Beneath these three, frigid and mountainous Otheia sits at the south pole.

Extending from opposite ends of Otheia, and wrapping around the whole of Aios in the north-south direction are the Thousand Isles, which serve as the meridian separating the major and minor hemispheres - nomenclature based both on the size encircled in each, but also the relative amount of populated land. While the major hemisphere contains three notable landmasses, the minor contains but a single one - Eurona.

Before their unusual disappearance in the Age of Man's fifth century, two floating city-states travelled Aios - Tenebria and Soldea.

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