Particles that are quantum entangled exhibit an intangible bond that extends over theoretically infinite distances. The consequence of this bond is that a change in the properties of one particle will be met with an immediate change in the same property of the other particle, but in the opposite direction. Adding a kilojoule of thermal energy to particle A will result in a kilojoule of thermal energy being lost from particle B, and so on for other properties like vibration, spin, polarity and more.

Thus far, no amount of intervening distance or material between the particles entangled particles has been observed to severe or weaken the linkage. Similarly, detectors of all kinds placed between two particles as state changes are induced have not observed any flow of information or energy between the particles. This immediacy of these state changes, and the absence of intervening 'transmission' of information makes entangled particles ideal for instantaneous, un-interceptible communication.

Information capacity Edit

The one-pair limit means that ultra-high-fidelity communications such as total-immersion neural projections are impossible, as are three-dimensional video feeds. Audiovisual transmission of information becomes possible with low resolution and framerate, and no colour. Because of all these, quantum communicators are often limited to the transmission of plain text. Software to convert speech or thoughts to text, and vice-versa, are by default included in communication units.

Security Edit

Quantum transmissions are the most secure form of communication available on Aios. Unlike standard radio, they do not send out a signal in all directions. Though quecomm transmissions cannot be intercepted in-transit, the messages that arrive at the unit can be intercepted when being relayed to the user of the unit. Because of this, users that anticipate receiving a message of great importance and/or secrecy will relocate to a signal-impenetrable safe room before playing the communication.

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