Rathic Heiros
Chronology Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Association Unknown
Magic Unknown
Rathic Heiros (AM 469-494) was a Nox elemental who claimed direct descent from the former royal capital of Tenebria. With his sister Ymalia and the Talkoran king Aellon, the three were figureheads of the Three-Throne Revolt before they were all slain in the Battle of the Tail. One of the factors that made the duo so powerful was their posession of a pair of related Hiltless, though both artefacts were lost after their deaths in the Tail up until Zazikel - the biological son of Ymalia and Rathic's adoptive parents - retrieved one of them. Rathic left behind an infant son after his death at the Tail, but the whereabouts of the boy are unknown.

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