Type Unknown
Continent Oro
Country Barkanda
The walking tree-city that held the throne of the geo monarchy, the nobility that accompanied them, and much else besides. Before the end of the Antediluvian War it wandered the whole of the ancient Oronese continent until mountain ring was raised around the Giant's Glade.The royal family sat at the peak of the kilometres-tall trunk, while the noble houses lived along each of the tree's five main branches. The tree was felled at the end of the Age of Kings, a moment many consider to be the point at which humanity fell off the Precipice.

Instead of taking a local species to fight alongside in the Antediluvian War, and later protect, the Geo royal family slew all those that called the Giant's Glade home. The blood shed from the beasts was used to water the tree at the Glade's lowest point, which gave it dark purple bark and red leaves, and would go on to become the towering tree-city of Sylvos proper. Cutting taken from the tree would become a symbol of good relations between Oronese cities and their rulers.

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