A TAPE (thermal-assist piezoelectric) Wingsuit incorporates a variety of technologies to create a wingsuit that far exceeds the performance of mundane personal gliding suits, and even enabling flying in the cases where the wearer can learn the proper arm motions.

Features Edit

Zero stowed profile Edit

Because the TAPE wingsuit is a specially-designed exomuscular suit,when stowed away it hugs the skin, offering zero encumbrance.

Appendage extension Edit

Aside from stretching out suit material to span between the hands and legs of the flyer, the TAPE suit extends its material in rigid struts out beyond the normal reach of the flier's arms of legs, granting much greater wing area to aid gliding and even flight.

Helium buoyancy Edit

When the wings are partially or fully extended, reserves of heated helium can be vented into the wings to grant additional ease of travel, similar to traditional dirigibles.

'Hotbelly' mobile updraft Edit

Radiators along the front of the suit generate artificial thermal updrafts that enable the user to glide longer distances.