An attempt to mass-produce and field a Power Assist Armour incorporating one of the most overpowering traits of the fearful Titans: The ability to act as an amplifier for the user's Haematurgy, the TITAN-PA is an intimidating, but ultimately inefficient piece of equipment. The epitome of a powerful yet prohibitively expensive weapon, both the price of manufacturing a unit, coupled with the lengthy production time and detail that must be put into each and every suit, prevented the weapon from ever enjoying widespread deployment.


Lined on the interior with pistoning hypodermic syringes, the TITAN-PA can draw blood from it's user, passing it through an intricate interconnected series of blood runes and feeding that power back into the user's Haematurgy, effectively scaling the magnitude of their blood magic above and beyond normal limits. Also equipped with a comprehensive vital-monitoring and life-support suite, the TITAN is capable of issuing painkillers, stimulants, sedatives, and various other combat drugs in order to keep it's user operating at peak efficiency despite the draining nature of the weapon, and Blood Bonds are typically used to bolster the reserves of users. Using them, a contingent of accomplished Haemeturgists can quickly overwhelm even heavily-armoured vehicles and adapt quickly to a variety of situations.

The weapon is not without it's weaknesses, and the main one comes at a dramatic drop in mobility. Rigid and constricting despite it's power-assist functions, and it's leg assist dedicated for the most part to supporting the suit's own weight, a TITAN-PA equipped unit will be slow to cover ground, and vulnerable to ambushes. Additionally, most of the space in the suit is dedicated to it's primary functions, leaving it surprisingly lightly armoured for it's bulk and size. For these reasons, they are commonly deployed with similar strategies to sniper teams.


  • OLYMPUS-PA - A watered-down skunkworks varient of the TITAN, with a focus on mass-production and efficency at the expense of potency.  The OLYMPUS saw limited deployment, but was ultimatly regarded as a weapon bereft of both the crippling weaknesses and the dramatic power of it's predecessor.
  • TEMPEST-PA - A custom, elemental varient of the TITAN, it adopts an all-or-nothing approach to design, forgoing the medical suite and much of the armour, and further degrading the weapon's weak mobility, but acting as an even more effective conduit with which to cast elemental magic.

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