The Tail
Type Unknown
The land bridge that spans between the continents of Aschaea and Oro. At its thinnest point stands a solitary mountain that has been partially excavated to house a small city. Underneath it, at sea level, massive tunnels have been dug to facilitate the travel of ships without having to pass around either massive continent.
The Tail Map
The place was named such in ancient times, after the Antediluvian War but before the thrones grew to accept each other's presence. The locals of each continent imagine their homes as two fighting behemoths, and the land-bridge itself as the creatures swatting at each other with their tails. The mountain that marks the borders between the continents is considered to be the impact of their clash.

The Battle Of The Tail took place within the mountain complex in 494, the final skirmish of the Three-Throne Revolt.

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