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Age of Beasts Edit

The Age of Beasts spans back into the oldest days of Aios.

  • ~1500 years before the Age of Heroes, the first human city of Uris is founded by Izon Oroa.
  • 55-45 years before the Age of Heroes, the Alchemist and the five Envoys are born.
  • 22 years before the Age of Heroes, the Alchemist discovers haematurgy and begins recording haemoglyphs.
  • 11 years before the Age of Heroes, the Old Vanguard embark on their globetrotting journey.
  • 6 years before the Age of Heroes, the Building and Breaking ccurs, shaping the basis for modern civilisation.
  • Two years before the Age of Heroes, the Alchemist tries to re-enter Uris, but is barred entrance by a standing army.

In the final year of the Age of Beasts, the Alchemist destroys Uris with the titan Sorathiel.

The Envoys incapacitate the Alchemist, drain him of his blood (spreading haematurgy to all humanity) and imprison him in the moon Dym.

Sorathiel is buried, the survivors migrate to Soldea and Tenebria.

The Envoys establish the sealed sky around Aios and began mobilising the global warrior culture, ending the Age of Beasts.

Age of Heroes Edit

Also known as the Antediluvian War, lasting nearly three hundred years.

  • AH 265: The Envoys begin crafting their own Titans to fight the Antediluvians.
  • AH 272: Fragments are taken off of the Titans to be used as powerful weapons, some of which become the Hiltless.
  • AH 279: Durodan and Anixium are completed and promptly mobilised.
  • AH 283: Some of the most powerful antediluvians - the force elementals - are slain, and their powers appropriated, giving rise to the force elementals.
  • AH 291: Near the end of the war, a metallic asteroid collides with Eurona, triggering global cataclysm and heralding the end of Antediluvian dominance. Durodan is fractured. The Envoys depart Aios with Anixium, ending the Age of Heroes.

Age of Kings Edit

  • AK 13: A hydro princess finishes sailing the entirety of the Thousand Isles, inspiring others to do the same and cements the Isles as an early superpower dominating international shipping and trade.
  • AK 1325: Ashblight emerges, a 'disease' with no other effects than it strips those infected of haematurgy.
  • AK 1331: The Ashblight exodus takes place, signifying the moment when every country on Aios officially cast out the blighted.
  • AK 1334: The blighted voyagers settle the once-abandoned country of Zonoa, and establish the city of Foundation.
  • ~AK 1430: The Subterrane is formed as a secret military program of Zonoa.
  • ~AK 1500: Humanity's population peaks at eleven billion people.
  • AK 1568: Last confirmed activities of the Kinemancers.
  • AK 1573: Internecine struggles within the Geo royal family lead to the destruction of Sylvos, ending the Age of Kings and beginning the fall off the Precipice.

Age of Men Edit

The current age, five hundred years and counting.

  • AM 92: The Bloodwrit is globally ratified, cementing international human rights with regards to magic.
  • AM 133: The core of the asteroid that crashed into Eurona at the end of the Antediluvian War is located, and found to be carrying the Steelskin symbiote.
  • AM 147: The Silver Sickness takes irreversible hold in Eurona, claiming the Crucible and forcing the exodus of the Builders.
  • AM 159: A 'tame' strain of the Steelskin symbiote is discovered and found manipulable, and is altered into the first instance of nanotechnology.
  • AM 200: The fall off the precipice is declared ended, and the human population stabilises at 4.7 billion. All effort is immediately made to rectify the still-disturbed state of the natural world.
  • AM 229: The last kraken, the leviathan Tiamat, destroys Handra and the Hydro royal family with it.
  • AM 314: Attempts by the Aero throne to covertly interfere with internecene struggles amongst the gryphons backfires. The gryphons raided Windhome and slew the monarchy.
  • AM 409: Soldea and Tenebria are destroyed during their annual voyage around Aios. Some say the houses of the Old Order did it to each other.
  • AM 492: The current prince of Dosana - Andrakhar Serim - is born.
  • AM 493: Two figures claiming lineage from the Lux and Nox royal families join forces with the Pyro royal family in Redrim to re-establish the royal families. The movement is unsuccessful, and Dosana goes into self-imposed isolationism as a condition of surrender.
  • AM 510: A megastructure with a two-fold purpose starts being built - to provide immense amounts of solar power to Aios, and to burn the Steelskin out of Eurona.
  • AM 518: The current year

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