A hover-capable tank equipped with light but very effective armour. It's name is derived from the three armaments it is equpped with, as well as its three-person occupant capacity. Though highly-mobile as far as tanks go, the Trident makes use of an anchor drive to lock down positions.

Configuration Edit

Viewed from above, the Trident is roughly triangular in shape, with a outwardly-curved 'flat' side facing forward and low to the ground, and the reverse point forming a bulbous protrusion towards the rear. The tank's main cannon sits atop this protrusion, with an array of micromissile launchers sit either side of its base, and forward-mounted turrets rest at both the tank's front corners. The main gunner sits beneath the canon, while the tank's other two occupants - driver/navigator and secondary weapons/countermeasures - sit in the forward lower area.


The main shell of the tank is formed from a contiguous piece of rigid shock armour that covers the front, sides and top of the vehicle, that mitigates the otherwise concentrated force and energy of incoming attacks by distributing it across the entirety of the shell. The shock armour shell provides the majority of the vehicle's protection, though polyphotonic panels can be generated around the exposed bottom-rear of the vehicle to buy the tank enough time to reposition away from direct fire to its anchor drive.


As the shock armour shell takes up much of the Trident's weight, much of its weaponry is energy-based, to reduce the additional weight of solid ammunition. It's main canon is plasma-based, drawing in and ionising gas from the atmosphere rather than tapping a stored fuel source. Aligned either side of the main canon's base are pods for micromissiles, a total of twelve, that are designed for use against other armoured targets or those resistant to energy fire. Lastly, a pair of laser turrets sit at each side of the tank's front, providing basic anti-infantry fire.

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