Type City
Country Ancient Zonoa
The first city of man, founded by Thosanus, who united the neighbouring tribes and villages into one great settlement. A host of factors, mostly related to the size of its population, led to Uris' status as the earliest human city:
  • The island-continent that was home to Uris was relatively small and isolated - presenting very few old beasts to threaten the city.
  • With agricultural advances allowing diversification and specialisation of occupations, the city developed dedicated military forces and expert architects and builders
  • Branching off from the military were divisions dedicated to defending against old beasts, and hunting them down. Improved builders with a massive workforce enabled any damage to the city to be repaired very quickly.

The most well-known inhabitants of Uris were the Old Vanguard. In the early days of the Age of Heroes, Uris was destroyed by Sorathiel, the first Titan. Speaking to the population from the rubble, the five Envoys instructed the survivors to split their number in half. The envoys instructed one group to march toward the rising sun, the other towards where it set, knowing they would eventually make their way to the holy states of Soldea and Tenebria. Thousands of years later, the site of Uris would become the city of Foundation.

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