Ymalia Heiros
Heritage Ancient Zonoan
Chronology AM 468-494
Occupation Lyx princess claimant
Association Unknown
Magic Elemental - Lux
Ymalia Heiros was a Lux elemental woman who claimed the royal blood that once called Athanon its home flowed in her veins. Alongside her adoptive brother Rathic and the Talkoran king Aellon, the three were the figureheads of the Three-Throne Revolt, though ultimately the trio were killed in the Battle Of The Tail, ending the conflict. One of the factors that made the duo so powerful was their posession of a pair of related Hiltless, though both artefacts were lost after their deaths in the Tail up until Zazikel - the biological son of Ymalia and Rathic's adoptive parents - retrieved one of them.

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